Baltimore Police ad campaign spurs laughs and gratitude

It’s not just The Wire or Homicide in Baltimore it seems.

Partial transcript … more can be found here.

Sidewalk Scene

Female Officer: Hey, how would you like to be a cop for a day?

Citizen: Gee, um…

Male Officer: Aww, come on…

Citizen: Sounds like fun.

Backyard Scene

[Dog barking, while the citizen backs away.]

Female Officer: Whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you going?

Male Officer: Where are you going there?

Alley Scene

[The three are on foot, chasing a suspect. While the citizen catches his breath, the female officer approaches with the apprehended suspect.]

Female Officer: Come on, we have some paperwork to do…

Citizen: [Panting] Right with you…

Tip of the combat helmet to recently promoted SFC Big Brother Collateral Damage for the link!


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