Odd moments in book marketing

Chris Howard is a buddy and part of my skeevy writers group. His novel Seaborn is about to be or has just been published by Juno Books and, in the way of writers everywhere, he wants people to actually buy it. (The parts I’ve read are quite good as is his writing in general. Did I call him a buddy? I meant arch-nemesis.) To that end he has started a most unusual viral ad campaign:

You can buy an actual bumpersticker here or use the code below to embed it in the sidebar of your blog. Do this now so when he wins his Nobel you’ll have proof that you were into him before anyone else.

<p><a href=”http://www.saltwaterwitch.com”&gt;
<img height=”398″ border=”0″ width=”113″  src=”http://the0phrastus.typepad.com/the0phrastus/images/2008/06/30/giantsquidbadge.png”&gt;


One thought on “Odd moments in book marketing

  1. Thanks, Con! When I get some time I’m going to post on getting 700 new visitors to my blog and book site (SaltwaterWitch.com) in a single day using nothing but the lure of giant squids.

    Seaborn will be in stores on the 18th or so. Buy one at Prime Books at Readercon!

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