Brand violation: Dunkin’ Donuts tries to go healthy

Dunkin’ Donuts will begin offering a new slate of better-for-you offerings in August. The menu, which will debut in stores Aug. 6, will feature two new flatbread sandwiches made with egg whites. Customers will be able to choose either a turkey sausage egg-white sandwich or a vegetable one. Both will be under 300 calories with 9 grams of fat or less, the company said. … The new menu will be called DDSmart and will include all current and new items that either have 25 percent few calories, sugar, fat or sodium than comparable products or contain ingredients that are “nutritionally beneficial,” the company said.

A)Health is not why anyone goes to DD — which was founded in Waltham and is by far the most ubiquitous franchise in Boston. DD is all about reliably bland and (compared to *$) inexpensive coffee and treats. Just the idea that they’ll be bringing vegetables into this temple of cream and sugar makes me unhappy.

B) In tough economic times people want comfort not health. I don’t give this thing a sugar cube’s chance in coffee of surviving.


7 thoughts on “Brand violation: Dunkin’ Donuts tries to go healthy

  1. We had a local donut shop here go out of business as well. The original owner retired and sold it to a new couple who thought they could do it better and now the place sits idle. They tried to become all things to all people and lost their focus. They were the best donut shop in town, better then the franchise locations by far.

  2. With Mayor Bloomberg’s new rules in place, all places in NYC with more than a few locations are required to post calorie counts for all their products. Nothing is really scarier than looking at the calorie total for a dozen Dunkin Donuts! NOT for the faint of heart!

  3. Coffee at Starbucks is about the same price as DD. All I ever get is the coffee so I can’t compare other prices.

    I only drink decaf and DD decaf is just absolutely the worst decaf on the planet. THE worst. Since I gave up cream, I just can’t drink it.

    Speaking of bad, DD bagels. I grew up around the corner from a real NY bagel shop. DD is bread with a hole in the middle.

  4. That’s the truth Steve… and all these years I thought it was just me. Dunkin’ Donuts has the worst decaf* in all the states I’ve traveled through.

    Forget the Dunkin’ bagels too, as Steve said, … Mo’s on Ohio Street , Chicago

    So, thanks for finally confirming this bone of contention between Dunkin’ Decaf and my taste buds.

    Yes , Mr Collateral, I too will do anything for my taste buds. They rule my day and season my snore.
    *I’m talking sick to my stomach running to the john bad bilge water decaf /..\

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