Circuit City thinks someone still reads Mad Magazine

Circuit City has apologized for their temporary hissy fit over Mad Magazine‘s “Sucker City” ad parody and will begin selling America’s favorite pre-teen humor magazine once again.

Best part is quote from the press-release whereby Circuit City proves it somewhere has a sense of a humor:

As a gesture of our apology and deep respect for the folks at MAD Magazine, we are creating a cross-departmental task force to study the importance of humor in the corporate workplace and expect the resulting Powerpoint presentation to top out at least 300 pages, chock full of charts, graphs and company action plans.

In addition I have offered to send the MAD Magazine Editor a $20.00 Circuit City Gift Card, toward the purchase of a Nintendo Wii….if he can find one!

Mad really should send a thank you to Circuit City as this is the first sign of relevance for the magazine in at least 30 years.

Where are you Don Martin when we need you most?


3 thoughts on “Circuit City thinks someone still reads Mad Magazine

  1. Thank you Damage;
    …for damage control, for tipping your hat to Don Martin and Circuit City, for being kind, for recognizing relevance and sensing humor…

    It means a lot to me, and I hope others will recognize the deep hole in our collective lives that could only ever be re-filled by the late Bill Gaines and his empire against the Bombast. “[Some] ..outgrow it, but we never forget it.”

    And though this is a tribute to “turn-about is still fair play”… it is still fair play, the fairest. Let the Madness continue.

  2. Nothing like culturally irrelevant literature that sells out within the first couple of weeks on the stand, eh? Try finding the latest edition-Watchmen parody, no less-at any venue that stocks the mag if you disbelieve.

    In an era that sees the facile brain pellets of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show being hailed as comedy gold, we’re more deprived of a hearty guffaw or two than ever before.

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