Germany protects children from chocolate egg threat

Despite being a massive hit with children and adults alike, German lawmakers want to ban Kinder surprise eggs on safety grounds. … Millions of the chocolate eggs with a toy inside are sold every year in Europe’s biggest economy, but according to a parliamentary health commission it is dangerous to combine food and toys in one product.

The toys aren’t edible? Man, that explains more about my digestive system than you really wanted to know.

3 thoughts on “Germany protects children from chocolate egg threat

  1. Kinder is one of my cousin’s favorite chocolate brands. He’s almost 40 and still loves the stuff. I’ve had it and it’s ok. In Germany, this brand is associated with Healthy Diets because they add vitamins and minerals to the creamy chocolate to help balance their diets. It’s a favorite after school snack my relatives homes, and they send us some regularly.

  2. I love these things. A friend’s mom sent him some Kinder Eggs and he brought them to school. I loved it and we spent an entire class just playing with the little toys we got in them. They were quite amusing considering they came with chocolate. I really wish Kinder Eggs weren’t banned in the US

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