A Girl and Her Fed

I am new to the world of web comics but last weekend at ConnetiCon I had the good fortune to meet Otter who draws the excellent strip A Girl and Her Fed (“The Story of A Girl, Her Fed & Thirty Billion Undead Pixies”).

Here’s the set-up:

A Girl is surprised and horrified to discover she’s been added to a government watchlist and is considered a potential terrorist threat. The agent assigned to watch her is far more surprised to learn she is haunted by the ghost of Benjamin Franklin and that both the Girl and Ben are able to interact with an invisible personal data assistant installed directly into his brain. After a drinking bout ends badly, the Girl and the Fed angrily go their separate ways.

I am only in the early stages of reading but I really like what I’ve read. It promises me an armed and drunken koala bear, so the future looks very promising.

Surprisingly, Ms. Otter has not read Bear Dinkum — OK, given that it’s an obscure Aussie kid’s book about a drunken, violent, ballet-dancing koala, it’s not that surprising. I have promised to bring it to the next con we are both attending. Short of that I may mail it to her.


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