GM’s bold new idea is to finally copy the Japanese

General Motors Corp on Thursday said it would invest $500 million to build a new fuel-efficient, small car the automaker says will show it can make money in head-to-head competition with its Japanese rivals as it fights to return to profitability.

WOW. What a brilliant move. Very timely. Something about barn doors and horses seems to come to mind. Too bad they’ve never developed an electric car … oh wait, never mind. BTW, someone should tell the GM brass that in addition to being fuel-efficient and small, the cars should also be made well for a change.


2 thoughts on “GM’s bold new idea is to finally copy the Japanese

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  2. So… GM is bringing out the VOLT with a 40 mile all electric range… yet, they had a much better looking, and longer ranged electric vehicle a decade ago called the EV-1, which they promptly destroyed every single one of them but a couple in museums. Always GM kills something innovative or after they get all the bugs fixed… remember the Pontiac Fiero!

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