Funniest (or saddest?) want ad I’ve read in months

An ad I found for a blogger:

We are looking for a fun and enthusiastic freelance writer/journalist that can generate a minimum of 5 articles per day (200-600 words each) during every business day — 5 days a week.

The subject matter is a blend of photo gadgets including digital photo frames, digital cameras, and anything related with digital photo/pictures.

Much of the content you will generate can be based on daily events and news over the blogsphere.

This is really important, so we’re repeating it: you must be able to commit to 5 articles per week day. If you cannot, please do not respond.

You will be an independent contractor and you will be compensated on a monthly basis ($250 USD).

So let’s see a minimum of 4000 words a month for $250 = SIXTEEN CENTS PER WORD!!!! I hope they get what they pay for.


5 thoughts on “Funniest (or saddest?) want ad I’ve read in months

  1. 16 cents/word sounds pretty awesome if the other markets you know are SFF. If only that’s what they were offering!
    Except, you know,
    200 words/post
    x 5 posts/weekday
    x 20 weekdays/month
    = 20,000 words/month,

    so it’s actually 2.5 cents/word.
    Which SFWA wouldn’t regard as a pro market.

    But then, this way you do get your bloggers’ press pass, with free admission to the Olympics and other athletic contests.
    Wait, you don’t?

  2. I think innumeracy among liberal arts majors may be the problem. The pay for this gig ranges between 2.08 cents per word and 6.25 cents per word with an average of 3.125 cents per word. See the math ( The question is… Did you submit writing samples? What was the competition like? This message brought to you by a fellow Liberal Arts Major.

  3. CD, in fiction, you get paid in copies of your work, right? At least in the literary fiction world of those nice chapbooks.

    Same goes here — except it’s unlimited copies of your work on the web. Just hit refresh, I guess.

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