Candy co. thinks finding Mr. Goodbar is a good thing

Mrs. CollateralDamage has a great one over at her blog:

I still can’t get over this baseball hat, which I saw on the racks at Hershey’s Chocolate World. Um, didn’t anybody else read that book? See that movie? I hope it’s safe to venture into spoiler territory now that Looking for Mr. Goodbar has been out for a few decades….’cause I just gotta say, I’m not so sure that finding Mr. Goodbar is such a desirable outcome.


2 thoughts on “Candy co. thinks finding Mr. Goodbar is a good thing

  1. I just like how the hat is pre-frayed. Someone up in marketing must have thought: “The frays will convey a sense of worn yet stolid solitude, the right man for any job. A man who wears a blue hat to convey this. A man who goes by no other name than: Hershey’s Mister Goodbar.”

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