GM merging with Chrysler: Dumb and dumberer

What part of two wrongs don’t make a right do these people not understand?

Isn’t the idea of a merger to combine strengths? What is it that these companies combined would be able to do that they can’t do by themselves? GM already has too many brands. So it wants to add more? The nice thing about having these two merge is that it will bring together a lot of bad management and keep it away from other companies.

Further proof that irrational exuberance walks among us: General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. shares were up more than 24% each on Monday. Ford’s stock is up apparently because it had previously held merger discussions with GM. The only reason this should be a boost for Ford is the realization that it was smart enough not to merge with GM. It is astounding to see what has happened to what was once the largest and best-run company in the world.


6 thoughts on “GM merging with Chrysler: Dumb and dumberer

  1. NO!!!!!! NO!!!!! & NO!!!!!

    I wonder if this decision is coming from the same Brain-Storming Team that thinks Retro is out. FORD is still laughing there asses off on that one. How many RETRO Style MUSTANGS have been sold to date……..

    The only thing that could come out of this, is that GM/Chrysler would now employee every incompetent designer/engineer. Between GM’s electrical problems and CHRYSLER’s brake/master cyclinder problems that ought to be one inferior product line.

    HEY GM, listen hard. Offer a LS7 in the Camaro or something else like a G8 and tell the Corvette TEAM, it’s about selling cars and making profits not building $100,000 cars that most people. can’t afford.

    WAKE UP!

  2. No need for urine samples with decisions like that. No-one in thier right state of mind would make a decision like that unless they were under the influence of drugs!

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