You must read this!

My friend Karen (Queen of All Media) Gadbois tells a fine story and amazingly well in this posting from Squandered Heritage called The House on New Orleans Street

For about the past month I have obsessed and worried and wondered about the house on New Orleans Street.

From the outside it is a perfect rendition of the vernacular song of a Corner Store. The tension between the overhang and the house made you wonder if the awning was pulling at the house and telling it that it was time to come down, or was the house letting the awning just have a little break from the decades of work it had done providing shade.

Lionel told me that they used to have beaucoup candy in that store, but I think that candy existed in his imagination of what the store should have had, or could have had. The kind of stuff you want it to have if you are 8 years old and you live across the street.

It just gets better and it includes pictures of the house and Lionel.

Karen, if I didn’t like you so much I’d hate you!


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