NYTimes reviewer is even bitchy in the tag lines

Mother CollateralDamage sent along this gem by A.O. Scott:

Penguins Employee of the month“Wendy and Lucy” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). It has some swearing, a little drug use and a brief implication of violence, but no nudity, sex or murder. The rating seems to reflect, above all, an impulse to protect children from learning that people are lonely and that life can be hard.

3 thoughts on “NYTimes reviewer is even bitchy in the tag lines

  1. in 1973 I had this inkling that the society at large was going to be one that didn’t quite fit with my idea of where i’d want to bring children…But if I had had them, i’d want them protected from war, violance, and deceipt…so, how would you do that in 2008..Older minds want to know.

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