Is Credit Crunch the son of Capt. Crunch?

First there was Credit Crunch the Reality, then came The Boardgame and now it’s a cereal!

In the UK, Credit Crunch is THE phrase used to describe the current mess. It is everywhere  — sale signs in stores, headlines, etc. We here in the US are really failing to brand the crisis. We have mortgage meltdown, the recession, but nothing that really distinguishes this Financial Fiasco ©.



One thought on “Is Credit Crunch the son of Capt. Crunch?

  1. Financial Fiasco Cereal Box Suggestions!

    We all know the rug rats like to sit and look at cereal boxes in the morning as they pound away the carbs.

    Every month an economic principle (let’s start with Taxation with Representation or political pandering) would be put on the box to describe how we got in this mess.

    Quarter panel picture of one of the culprits of the housing scandal with recommendations what to when you see them. Let’s start with Barney Frank.

    Quarter panel pictures of the last great Depression so they also know what’s in store for them, especially if their parents have jobs that are impacted by the central planners in DC.

    Good Hunting,

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