A moment of silence for one of the greats … Millard Fuller


A millionaire by the time he was 30, Millard Fuller gave up his fortune and invested his life in Habitat for Humanity — a Christian charity that has built more than 300,000 houses and turned poor people into homeowners by using “sweat equity” and no-interest loans.

Some have criticized President Obama’s $500,000 cap on executive compensation for companies getting taxpayer bailouts, saying it would put a damper on the quality of the CEOs at these companies. The truth is there is NO correlation between CEO compensation and corporate performance. As Mr. Fuller showed, what is needed in a CEO is creativity and zeal. Maybe drawing from a pool of people who are willing to take “only” $500K per annum (and they’ll get all sorts of other things like transportation or housing or what-have-you) will get hungrier, more creative people into the corner office.

Donations to Habitat can be made here.


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