Eat a dozen donuts and “support teen diabetes”

KKchallengeParticipants in the The Krispy Kreme Challenge run two miles from the NC State Belltower to the Krispy Kreme store located on Peace St. in Raleigh. After downing a full dozen of the famous Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the runner must run the two miles back. All in one hour.

I would like to believe this is irony in the cause of a greater good. It is certainly oddity in the cause of a greater good.

I am astounded there are people who can run two miles after downing a dozen donuts.

I am terrified there are people who can down a dozen donuts in one sitting of well under an hour.

For those of you keeping score at home that works out to 2400 calories consumed (assuming you consume the basic Krispy Kreme and not any of the other flavors). From a dozen Krispies you would get 144g of fat or 216% of  your required daily allowance (based on a 2K calorie diet and these numbers are all from KK’s website who knows what the FDA would call it). If you weigh 180 pounds you would burn off 470 calories running four miles. Not sure how many calories you would lose if you … um … regurgitated at the finish line which is certainly what would happen to me should I make it that far (highly unlikely).

Cheers to the Krispy Kreme Challenge folks for helping out others (some 5500+ participated this year) AND for not hiding the impact of consuming all this stuff.

From their fun facts page:

  • If stacked, the boxes used during the challenge would stand over 16 stories tall.
  • If stacked, the doughnuts eated during the course of the day would stand over
    twice as tall as the BB&T building at Two Hanover Square, the tallest building in Raleigh.
  • Collectively, the Krispy Kreme Challengers will eat over a third of a ton of doughnuts
    on the day of the race.
  • This year’s competitors will run over 4,000 miles.
  • The number of Calories eaten on the day of the race is enough energy to power a 60W light bulb for over 125 hours.

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