Clorox offers $5K to flush out SF ‘toilet torcher’

potty_1817cs Never ones to miss a civically responsible branding opportunity, The Clorox Co. is offering $5K and a year’s supply of toilet cleaning products for tips leading to the arrest of San Francisco’s notorious portable potty pyromaniac.

“At Clorox, toilets are very important to us, and we support the rights of toilets to be clean, sanitary and not set on fire,” David Kellis*, a spokesman for the Oakland-based cleaning products manufacturer. … The company also announced a “Potty Patrol,” a group of people to be deployed on one San Francisco street next week to provide information to the public “on how residents can plunge into action,” an accompanying news release — replete with several less-than-mentionable puns — noted.

Twenty-seven portable toilets have been burnt down since early November, most in or near the city’s Russian Hill neighborhood. At $2,500 per toilet, damage has been estimated at $67,500,

*Personal note – David was always really helpful to me when I covered CPG for Brandweek. I would have loved to hear him deliver this with a straight face.

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