Never mind the pollacks, UK store rebrands fish

UK grocery store chain Sainsbury’s believes a fish by any other name will sell better, so it is repackaging pollack as “colin.”

To an English ear, "pollack" sounds unfortunately like a slang word for testicles, as well being close to two other words used as insults, one of them racist.

Bollocks! My knowledge of Brit slang is so limited that I know only one of the words in question. The fish formerly known as pollack will now be called colin. This is pronounced “co-lan” which sounds a lot like colon to me. A sphincter says, what?*

Homonym a lot of trouble either way.

jacksonpollockfish Nice touch: Rebranding launched with limited-edition packaging inspired by abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock.


*Sorry, watched Wayne’s World again this weekend.


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