The whistling at the financial graveyard grows increasingly repetitive

This brilliant post is entirely from the great blog Financial Armageddon

These days, lots of people seem to be reading from the same script:

"CBI Says Worst of British Recession Over" (Reuters)
"China’s Premier Says Economy Better than Expected" (Associated Press)

"Dubai’s Ruler Says the Worst Is Over" (Financial Times)

"U.S. Officials Suggest Worst of Recession Is Over" (Reuters)

"Italy Employers See Signs Worst Over in Crisis" (Reuters)

"Worst Over? Just Maybe" (Associated Press)

"’Worst Is Over; India to Be on Recovery Path in 2-3 Quarters’" (Business Line)

"US Hopes the Worst Is Over" (The National)

Hmmm, those words sound awfully familiar…ah, yes, now I remember:

"Lehman CEO Says Worst Is Over, Yet Troubles Ahead" (Reuters)

"Bear Stearns Says Worst Is Over After Writedown" (CNBC)

"Citigroup Chief Says Worst of Crisis Is Over" (Evening Standard, May 7, 2008)

"Legg Mason’s Miller Sees Recovery for Stocks; ‘Worst Is Behind Us,’ Famed Fund Manager Tells Beleaguered Shareholders" (MarketWatch, April 23, 2008)

"Is the Worst Over for Detroit?" (SmartMoney, July 18, 2005)

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