Brit soft drink puts obscenity on new label

Tango is a carbonated beverage sold in the UK. It is evidently quite popular and prone to “problems” with its advertising. The latest mistake stems from not reading their own label carefully enough. Observe:


Turn the phrase into an acronym and you get …

Given that their prime audience is UK teens the company should run everything through a very strong “sophomoric sex obsessed humor” filter. (This is the best such problem I’ve encountered since 2007 when Spirit Airlines launched a campaign with the slogan “Many Islands, Low Fares.”)

Tango made something of a career out of alleged mistakes like this. Ads frequently feature vaguely double entendre catchphrases such as "You need it because you’re weak," "Feed the Tango Inside" and "You know when you’ve been Tango’d."

The last, from 1991, featured a campaign that either irresponsible or brilliantly viral or both. It had an ad showing a man being slapped around the face by an orange-clad person (Peter Geeves) immediately after drinking Tango. The ad was pulled after a craze for "Tangoing" people allegedly swept the nation’s playground. Which doubtless just made the slogan more interesting. Bet owner Britvic wishes YouTube had been around then. Either despite or because of this the advertisement was named the 3rd best television commercial of all time in a 2000 poll conducted by The Sunday Times and Channel 4.


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