If Obama can win a Nobel for not being Bush, why can’t I?

What did this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner spend today doing? Deciding how many troops to send into combat.

Mrs. CollateralDamage called it this morning: Obama got the Peace Prize for being anyone but GW. It is an absurd award. The President, as he himself would probably point out, has yet to do anything to deserve it. This one is even sillier than the one they gave to Al Gore. Or, as Mrs CD put it, “I wasn’t George Bush last year, why didn’t I win?

I do not mean to blame my President for this. It is entirely the Nobel committee’s silliness.

Tom Lehrer once said that irony died when Henry Kissinger won the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize.  This one is light years better than that.


2 thoughts on “If Obama can win a Nobel for not being Bush, why can’t I?

  1. I guess in some obscure and irrelevant location in the world (Denmark?), there is a ticket dispenser that states “If you are not GW Bush, take a number and wait your turn for the next Nobel Peace Prize”

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