5 favorite Sesame Street moments

Nothing snarky to say about it. Happy 40th to a show that I still love.

  1. THAT song


2. Tony Bennett celebrates the worm’s successful moon mission by singing …


3. Ernie finally gets the duckie off his back


4. The death of Mr. Hooper – the most moving and, I think, most important story arc in the show’s 40 years


5. It’s Not Easy Being Green – Sesame Street produces a bonafide jazz classic. (Van Morrison does a great, straight cover of it on his otherwise forgettable album, Hard Knows The Highway – I couldn’t find a video)

If you need to cry even more after the Mr. Hooper segment click here to see Big Bird performing the song at Jim Henson’s memorial.

.5A Anything with Cookie Monster EXCEPT when he starts to eat “healthy” (BRAND BETRAYAL!)


Others: REM singing Furry Happy Monsters (band members do their level best to look serious and happily fail), Jon Stewart hosting the 25th anniversary special, Tim McCarver narrating the worm summer Olympics, the “today’s show was brought to you by the letter __ and the number __” announcement, the Count, and on and on and on.


Linda Lenzen Treiber sent this wonderful note:

Your posts have given me the most wonderful thread back to memories of working with Jim Henson at Disney-MGM Studios. We were producing a "Spring Press Event" when Disney and Sesame Street were better friends, were working collaboratively, and when Jim was alive. I remember sharing a box of tissues with Mr. Henson since both of us had horrible colds and he was pinned inside a small out-of-camera-frame place giving life to Kermit who was fending off Miss Piggy’s amorous attentions. He was a glowing, sweet and gentle man with a wicked sense of humor. I got over my cold, but Mr. Henson did not as he passed very shortly after from pneumonia. The stunned silence in our production trailer upon hearing the news was profound. Big Bird’s musical tribute dusted off the file cabinet in my head where these memories dwell.

Wow, says me.

One thought on “5 favorite Sesame Street moments

  1. and only now do I remember there was an Oscar, complete with trash can, on my Macintosh desktop.. And everytime I put something in the trash, his voice growled ” I Hate Trash.”

    One of the reasons I ‘m dubious about progress that eliminates good things, rather than preserving and enhancing them.

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