Pumpkin pies follow Eggos on to endangered foods list

It looks like a grim winter for Americans who will now have to get through the coldest months without two of their favorite food groups.

Nestle, which owns the Libby’s brand of pumpkin pie and announced this week that heavy rain has hurt its pumpkin farms in Morton, Ill., to the point that it will not pack any more pumpkins this year.

And it’s not just our poor underprivileged industrial food producers being hurt by this. In case anyone cares, there are reports that mere people are also being effected.

“Our calculations indicate that we may deplete our inventory of canned Libby’s pumpkin as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday,” said Paul Bakus, vice president and general manager of Nestle Baking.

Damn. Just as I was poised to get rich off my pumpkin pie with Eggo crust recipe. Maybe next year.


I agree with Mister Impatient’s comment (below) and sense an attempt to drive up the price in both the pumpkin and Eggo markets by creating a fictitious shortage. As evidence I offer this picture of shelves at my local supermarket overflowing with Eggos!



3 thoughts on “Pumpkin pies follow Eggos on to endangered foods list

  1. Normally, I wouldn’t even fire one synapse in this direction, but aren’t “shortages” blamed on certain “natural disasters” a great way to jack up prices and create demand without inflaming the masses? I mean, I even considered hoarding a few cans just in case I could pimp some of it out to my soccer mom posse at a profit. Pumpkin profiteering. Has a ring to it. Actually, sweet potato pie is my holiday staple. Crap! Shouldn’t have mentioned it. Now sweet potatoes are going to go missing or get the rot or something…

  2. Ummm… While Eggos are a brand name, pumpkin, is not. I can confirm that my local market has more canned pumpkin than you can shake a waffle at.

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