Saving business magazines, Part 1

From my blog at Emedia Vitals

Is there any reason for a weekly or monthly business magazine to still exist? Just as importantly, is there a business model that would support it?


Every business publishing organization I have worked for should have been called Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Do Inc. These tech and marketing magazines did a great job at telling their readers about the latest and/or best solutions. They just never seemed to read what they had published.

Innovate! Innovate! That was an easy story to sell to an editor because it’s what the readers wanted. Innovation was great – as long as the publishers themselves didn’t have to do it. So their magazines are dead or dying, and they didn’t have to be.

In what may be the most ironic interview of the year, Warren Buffet told the soon-to-be-deceased Editor & Publisher: "It is so easy when you’ve got a wonderful business. Complacency is pretty easy and it is why they weren’t looking over their shoulder at what was happening." (more here)

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