1st Haagen Dazs store in Delhi excludes Indians

ice cream cone I’m just going with Boing Boing on this one:

The inaugural Delhi outlet of Haagen Dazs (A Danish phrase that means, "Made in New Jersey," apparently) opened with a "no Indians allowed" policy. The sign on the door read, "Access restricted only to holders of international passports." After a public hue and cry, the franchise operator (who is Indian) dropped the policy and claimed it had never existed.

Yeah, I really can’t top that.


2 thoughts on “1st Haagen Dazs store in Delhi excludes Indians

  1. Your just-going-with-Boing-Boing-on-this is part of the problem — bloggers who simply recycle garbage that other have written, rather than expressing their own ideas or (god forbid!) take fifteen minutes and do some basic reasearch. My take on this now-famous event, Haagen-Dazs, Mistaken Cause focuses on the instinctive anti-foreigner reaction and the post-colonial inferiority complex that fosters this kind of lunacy. And, one more thing: it is based on the facts.

  2. Actually my actions aren’t part of the problem. The real problems are — as you point out — racism, the post-colonial inferiority complex and 100 or a 1000 other things that would make someone do this. If you’d paid attention you would notice this blog is primarily about STUPID MARKETING. This was so stupid it is astounding anyone would think of doing it. I don’t care what his reasons were or what the causes of those reasons were. (Although I do think sheer human idiocy has a part.) That’s not my area of expertise or interest. I dare you to find anyone less qualified than me to discuss the psychological impact of living in a post-colonial society. My areas of expertise are marketing and stupidity and the overlap thereof. To wit: in the world’s 2nd most populous nation someone thought it made good business sense to exclude 99.9% of the population from being able to give him their money. All those other things you brought up are true. They’re also not what I write about here.

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