Domino’s realizes it makes really bad pizza

Did you know Domino’s makes lousy pizza? While this is well known throughout the rest of the nation it seems to have just become known to those at Domino’s HQ. (Only possible explanation: The execs make too much money to eat their own product.)

For a while the company tried — and failed — to make up for this by offering its product in other forms (Bread sticks! Bread bowls! Dessert Pizza!).

Now it is facing the issue head-on by saying anything that might have gone wrong is all in the past.

I love the way the execs talk about how upset they are about everyone saying the crust tastes like cardboard. They never actually apologize for making lousy pizza or explain why it happened.

Best example is this quote from company prez Patrick Doyle: “Some people didn’t give us credit for the taste of our product. That’s what we’re fixing.”

What the hell does that mean? They’re fixing people not giving them credit?

Then there’s the head chef saying, “It hit you in the heart. This is what I’ve been doing for 25 years now.” Which begs the question – Why are you still employed?

The company seems to have copied the entire ad from another Michigan based firm – GM. Like GM’s classic weasel words mea culpa, this one starts with a call to the old days when the firm was great. Except in Domino’s case the firm was never great. It was (and is) big and profitable. But it has always been known for making a product was cheap and vaguely edible, a boon to students everywhere. Harking back to that is just bizarre.

The CMO talks about how they couldn’t just tinker but had to start over from the beginning. Starting over means including such innovative things as garlic, oregano and basil. WOW!!! How the hell did they think of this?

This is all part of a classic PR strategy of immediately saying the problem is in the past even if it’s the first time it has ever been mentioned. This approach was best summed up by that great business writer Christopher Marlowe. In his play The Jew Of Malta the character Barabas brushes away any insinuation he has done wrong saying, “But that was in another country; and besides, the wench is dead.”


6 thoughts on “Domino’s realizes it makes really bad pizza

  1. Having written the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pizza and Panini, I’d be happy to give the execs there some pizza lessons. Step one, if you don’t use wood pulp in your dough, it might not taste like cardboard. Step two, go eat some real pizza to know what it tastes like. Step three, resign and let people who really understand food produce something that people might actually – Who’d have thought it? – *want* to eat. When you have to trumpet that you use garlic, oregano, or basil in your red sauce, you’re in deeper trouble than it is possible to describe.

  2. This is completely absurd. It’s so obvious that the focus group is made up of actors, that the whole thing is scripted, and that it was really poorly thought out to start with, that all it does is insult your intelligence rather than inspire you with any sense that they actually give a rat’s ass.

  3. Sadly, the cost/slightly edible factor plus the brand marketing has kept this atrocity around much longer than deserved. Everyone knows that Dominoes is the worst. If I could wave a magic wand…

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