Where only the bravest marketers dare to tread

As loyal readers know I take a rather dim view of marketing and I take it very loudly. This is why when a marketer approaches me via CollateralDamage I take notice. It has happened exactly twice. The second time was today.

The first time was when a nice man named Tim Sussman, who was then 1/3rd of the marketing department at Spoke.com, sent me an email saying, Can I talk to you about a possible job? My reply: You have read the blog, haven’t you? You know what I think of marketing, right? He said yes and that was why he was contacting me. Intrigued doesn’t even begin to describe it. What followed was the most enjoyable series of job interviews I have ever had. They were looking for a social media manager and the interviews were more about what would and wouldn’t work than anything else. They soon hired me and for three months or so I was 1/4th of Spoke’s marketing department. It was a lot of fun. However, it turns out Silicone Valley startups sometimes have funding problems. Who knew? I would still happily work with anyone I worked with at Spoke and I don’t say that about every job I’ve ever had.

As I said, the second approach came today. Checking the email this morning I found a missive from a nice person at a UK online marketing firm (I won’t mention their name right now in case they come to their senses) which represents “online gaming sites in various countries. I would like to look into the possibility of obtaining some text link advertising on your website. Is this something you would be interested in discussing?”

Now this was almost assuredly an email sent to a plethora of sites, not mine in particular. Still I can’t help but wonder how I came up on whatever radar they are using. It sure as hell wasn’t because of traffic. My end of the year marketing blunders post usually gets huge numbers (by my standards) but, if I’m to trust my tracker, on a daily basis I average about 600 (Wonderful) readers. While I had assumed you were all penguin fanciers and CEOs of very large companies, I am beginning to have my doubts. That’s really not the core demographic for “online gaming sites in various countries.” Perhaps you are all teenagers who in an earlier time would be reading Mad magazine. Like I did.

So if at some future moment you do see a text ad, that is why. The only payment I want is the information about how they found me and why in hell they’d want to advertise here.


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