Interview with a cranky guy talking about Disney, Epcot and American history

TDC Apparently it was a slow news week on the Disney front because Mrs. CollateralDamage had to resort to interviewing me for her podcast, Those Darn Cats. Mostly I talk about how Disney screwed up the telling of American history in the American Adventure Pavilion at Epcot. Don’t tell anyone but I also say a few nice things about the House of Mouse, too.

Click here to listen or you can find it on iTunes under … wait for it … Those Darn Cats.


3 thoughts on “Interview with a cranky guy talking about Disney, Epcot and American history

  1. Funny how I knew the identity of the cranky guy as soon as I saw the post title in my feed reader.

    If said title had referred to a cranky guy *singing* about Disney and American history, I would have expected something like this:

    +1 point for you if you knew the singer and the song before clicking over.
    -2 points from me if you referred to it in the podcast already.

  2. I was sure you and GP went way back. The question was, would you know ’twas him before you even clicked on the link?

    The Dickies do indeed have an interesting suggestion for an enhancement to Disney. I note that YouTube also includes their cover of the Banana Splits song. People wondering why the melody of Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” always seemed strangely familiar should check out said ditty.

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