I hope this is the most offensive ad you see today

indian adFrom TwinCities.com: Managers at a St. Paul sports bar have apologized to American Indian groups and pulled a Thanksgiving-weekend marketing campaign after receiving complaints about a racy poster that invited patrons to "drink like an Indian."

Since running the ad the bar has been – justifiably – on the receiving end of a lot of anger. What gets me about the ad is that in addition to being offensive it makes no sense. What does “Party like a Pilgrim” mean? The Pilgrims as a group were ostentatiously severe when it came to celebrations. Their idea of a big party was extra church services followed by a discussion of religious tolerance – which they were against.

2 thoughts on “I hope this is the most offensive ad you see today

  1. And they are selling $1 drinks to 9 and 10 year olds. Where was such shamelessness when I was young? (It was probably in MN, while I was in UK.)

  2. Someone had to conceive of the idea, another had to approve it, and then they had to hire people to design, print, and deliver. That’s so much effing fail, even praying like a pilgrim for the salvation of these people from their apparent idiocy will not provide relief.

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