Can I still poison the pigeons?

The city of Orlando, Fla., has passed a law banning the feeding of homeless people downtown. “The measure, approved Monday, prevents serving large groups in parks and other public property within two miles of City Hall without a permit.” No word yet on what happens if you throw breadcrumbs on the ground and they get eaten by humans instead of pigeons. The usual suspects are about where you’d expect on the new law: ACLU & people who feed people without getting paid, against. Biz owners including those who feed people for pay, for. While none of the homeless are actually quoted in the story, I’m pretty sure I know where they stand. It’s in Orlando so … is there anyway we can blame this on Disney?
I’m with the two city councilors who voted against the measure:

Two of the city’s five commissioners voted against the ordinance — including Robert Stuart, the head of a homeless shelter.

Stuart said the city was moving to “criminalize goodhearted people.”

“We’re putting a Band-Aid on a critical problem,” said commissioner Sam Ings, the other opposing vote.