Hook, line & sinker: Alleged smart blog falls for marketing effort

Turns out my beloved BulletProofBaby site is actually a viral marketing effort for the upcoming movie Shoot ‘Em Up.

You got me… right where it hurts…

Kudos, as usual, to AdFreak.

Is this really necessary? Introducing the bulletproof bookbag

BPBFor a mere $175 you can indulge your paranoia.

“Exclusive Ballistic Panel is integrated into the high quality and stylish backpack in production. A ballistic panel is similar to the traditional bullet resistant vest worn by military and police weighing a minimum of ten pounds. Weighing just 20oz (the weight of a small water bottle), our ballistic panel is light enough for a young child to carry as part of their pack.”

I want to be there when the parent tells the 6-year-old, “If someone goes bang hold up your backpack so you won’t get hurt.”

Unless you live in Iraq, you gotta figure the odds of a kid actually needing this are so high as to make the lottery look like a sure thing.

To see a site that definitely understands the insanity of this go to BulletProofBaby.net.