This year is the second time I have celebrated this great and glorious holiday.

cheeseDeep in the dark, deep, dank mists of time, the Cheese Weasel emerged, but he didn’t really do much until the early 90s, since the other celebratory animals called dibs on the the splashier holidays. Eventually, the Weasel realized that this was all to the good, as he felt his calling. Now, he travels the world, leaving a bit of cheese under keyboards on the 3rd day of the 4th month. Kraft Singles are the Cheese Weasel’s cheese of choice, but he has been known to branch out into cheddar, and sometimes a nice Gruyere.

What about Wensleydale, chuck? BTW, check out the site for the theme song as well. It’s full of weaselly cheesy goodness.

Here’s how I marked the occasion last year — delivering these fine treats and cards to bewildered staff and students at the Atrium School:

Here are the lyrics to our anthem:

“Who brings the cheese on April 3rd?
The Cheese Weasel
He’s not a silly bunny or a raindeer or a bird,
He’s the Cheese Weasel
He’s got a cute black tail
And tiny buck teeth
He doesn’t bring fish, and he
Doesn’t bring beef
So you’d better be good if you wanna get some cheese
From the Cheese Weasel.”

Congrats to for having at least three typos in fewer than 200 words.


Italy outclasses us by giving parmesan to the poor

Permetta loro di mangiare formaggio!

I am not in general a fan of any Italian government that holds power for more than a week and the current one is no exception. However my hat is off to them for this plan that will help both the poor and the cheese makers.

Agriculture Minister Luca Zaia has committed to buying 100,000 66-pound wheels each of Parmigiano Reggiano and the very similar Grana Padano cheese to donate to the needy. Producers sought government help in the face of prices that have fallen some 25 percent over the past five years.

Sure as hell beats the “processed American cheese product”* that our government gives away. It’s a great idea Mr. President-elect. Don’t just give food to the hungry, give them good food. I say we help out the Italian cheese industry too!

*Which I eat, too.


The following were delivered to the (very bewildered) faculty and students of the 6th grade class at The Atrium School.


What have you done to spread some cheesy weasely joy today?


Thanks for the graphics to David @ Ministry Marketing Coach.

Headline of the Day: Rushmore from Cheese

Mohammad would have gone to this mountain but only if he wanted fondue.

cheeseFrom the release: Get ready for Mount Rushmore to roll into your town this summer! Instead of granite from the Black Hills of South Dakota, the profiles of presidents Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, and Lincoln will be carved out of real cheese as part of the Cheez-It(R) Big Cheese Tour. The 700 pound portable cheddar cheese version of our nation’s first grand fromages, created by veteran cheese carver, Troy Landwehr, will help raise awareness of products made with 100 percent real cheese.

Given Mr. Landwehr’s physique, I’m surprised it wasn’t co-sponsored by the American Association of Heart Surgeons.