1. Quote of the day: "Aren’t cheap clip-jobs the province of blogs?” — The New York Observer's Tom Scocca on why weekly news magazines are failing. Damn right they are!
  2. Latest Job Taken By Robots: Cockroach That's bad news for me and Keith Richards.
  3. Dan Sally — whom I've performed with and who even remembers my name — is going to be on Comedy Central.
  4. A genuine article by me. With actual facts!!

Headline of the Day: “Stones deny Keith Richards suffered brain damage.” How could anyone tell?

Slurred, incoherent speech? Double vision? He's Keith Friggin' Richards! That's SOP.

I love Keith. Great guitarist, fine song writer and — even by rock standards — an idiosyncratic singing voice. His solo albums are the only things related to the Stones that have been worth listening to for years. (I highly recommend "… with the Expensive Winos Live at The Hollywood Bowl." Amazing.) This is the man whom I have always assumed could mainline Drano and live. My working theory has always been that only two things were going to survive nuclear war — cockroaches and Keith. You think a bump on the head is going to slow him down? Keith will outlive us all. And laugh doing it.