Ohio car dealer ad proclaims Jihad on the auto industry & “Fatwa Fridays”

It is either the stupidest ad of the year or the greatest PR stunt or both.  Media reports say the Dennis Mitsubishi car dealership in Columbus, Ohio, is planning to run an ad

proclaiming a jihad on the U.S. auto market and offering “Fatwa Fridays” with free swords for the kids.

Surprisingly Muslim leaders have denounced the campaign. Now having been to Columbus on several occasions (I don’t recommend it) I can say that just from casual observation it is easy to tell  the city has a large and visible Muslim population. This makes what would otherwise be a merely incredibly offensive ad into and one that is incredibly offensive and stupid. However it did get the dealership a lot of free media coverage. This would be one of the instances when there is indeed such a thing as bad publicity.

“The ad has never been released, it is not out for public listening,” one dealership employee who would not give his name (can’t imagine why) is quoted as saying. In a sign that maybe there is some hope, the head of the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations* said several radio stations had already rejected the ad.

*Could I suggest a name change for CAIR? The way the title reads now it seems like you are either American or Islamic and I really really don’t think that that’s the case. 

Odds and/or ends

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