When board games are outlawed, only outlaws will play boardgames

In South Carolina, it is illegal to pass Go or collect $200 – even if it is just Monopoly money. The same state law that has forced a local radio station to cancel its charity poker tournament scheduled for next week also makes it illegal for anyone in South Carolina to play a game – any game – that uses cards or dice.

Given the size of my game collection I would be busted as a dealer if I ever set foot in the state. My Settlers of Catan collection alone would probably get me a life sentence. And if they ever came across my Heroscape stash? Lethal injection.

The ultimate geek food: 20-sided dice made of pecan pie

You know it’s time to stop playing Dungeons & Dragons because the dice is gone. Click here for full instructions.

“Can I have my critical hit with some whipped cream?”

Side dish: Hexagonal Tortilla Chips.

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People object to candy cigarettes, so what about gummi poker chips?

I know what I’m giving out next Halloween … because they’re never too young to go all in, that’s why. Gummi dice also available for all your favorite young crap shooters. And while we’re on the topic of inappropriate for kids: How about beer-flavored sunflower seeds? This can be washed down with a Rehab Recovery Supplement Energy Drink (soon to be co-branded by either Hasbro or the Betty Ford Clinic, I’m sure). Oh hell just go read CandyAddict & Junk Food Blog yourself, will you?
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