Joe Barton wasn’t only GOP-er apologizing to BP

Wow. The Republicans sure seem determined to give the mid-term elections back to the Democrats.



Press release wants you to “Celebrate Hitler’s Birthday by Knowing the Truth about Christianity, Nazism, and the Holocaust”

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 20 /Christian Newswire/ — In a book released today, on Hitler’s birthday, Author Joe Keysor combats the growing charge that Christianity fed the Nazi purge of the Jews and Hitler’s hatred in his book "Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible: A Scriptural Analysis of Anti-Semitism, National Socialism, and the Churches in Nazi Germany."

Many Christians are unaware that their faith is being painted more and more as the reason for Hitler’s hatred for the Jews and the cause of the Holocaust. "New" Atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are doing their best to depict all religion as dangerous and Christianity included. Other secularists have continued this train of thought by asserting that Hitler was a Christian.

Ummmm, “celebrate”?

Microsoft reveals previously unknown gift for satire

This is from The Waffle Group blog — where it really is all about the syrup:

It certainly seems that Microsoft are moving into the scathing humour industry when one looks at this press release entitled “Microsoft Brings Holiday Cheer on a Budget to Hispanic Families With Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2007 Language Pack in Spanish.”

Honestly, that really is the headline. Holiday Cheer on a Budget! With Microsoft Products! Now in Spanish!

It’s either satire, or Microsoft are using their system administrators to write press releases.

Damn! Wish I’d found this first. You really owe it to yourself to read the rest of the post.

Top 10 Marketing Blunders of 2008

Yeah, there’s a lot more than 10 here. What can I say? It was a very good year for very bad things.

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The John McCain Presidential Campaign

  • “Our economy, I think, is still — the fundamentals of our economy are strong.”
  • Has no idea how many houses he (or his wife) owns.
  • Picks Sara Palin, the Broad to Nowhere who couldn’t find Russia or Africa on a map.
  • Campaign adviser and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina says Palin couldn’t run a major corporation.
  • Campaign adviser and former senator Phil Gramm says Americans are whiners about economic problems.
  • “Shutting down” his campaign to fix the bailout.
  • “Lipstick on a pig”
  • Egregious attack on Dungeons & Dragons that clearly cost him the election. (OK, maybe not so much the last one).


Runners Up

  1. Ford features “Space Oddity” — a song about astronaut suicide — in new car campaign.
  2. Framingham State College  uses the word blah 137 times in a 312-word fundraising letter.
  3. Disney (multiple entries): Bans kids from DisneyWorld restaurant; Changes “It’s A Small World” to “A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America; and Sells “High School Musical” panties for tween girls with the phrase “Dive In” on them.
  4. Woolworths (UK) launches Lolita brand of beds for young girl
  5. JetBlue lives up to Southwest’s parody ad by charging for pillows.
  6. Russia uses smiling kids in tourism ad for war zone
  7. Residents of Lesbos sue those other lesbians over brand name
  8. Motrin gets headache from viral moms video
  9. Butcher’s ads feature “Meat Products, Fresh Service” on naked woman
  10. Hershey asks if you’ve found Mr. Goodbar

Special Jury Awards

Co-Branding That Shouldn’t Have Been

The Alpha & Omega of Over-reaching

Product Failure

The Penguins Of Irony “Oh NO You Din’t” Awards

Previous years’ lists

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CONFIRMED!!!! A bad press release!!!

Zoo Atlanta wants there to be no doubt that they’ve got an important knocked-up panda on their hands — that’s why they doubly confirmed it in a release announcing the pregnancy of 11-year-old giant panda Lun Lun:

The confirmation of today’s ultrasound is a confirmed indication that birth is eminent!!!

OK, it would be far too easy and cheap a joke to say that only in Atlanta is a pregnant 11 year-old viewed as a good thing. So I am not going to make that joke. Nope. Won’t do it.

In addition to finding out that a panda birth is eminent, the release also contained this nugget of information:

In late July, Lun Lun began demonstrating a sharp decrease in appetite, followed by lethargy, somnolence and withdrawn behavior – all normal and expected patterns for a female giant panda experiencing either pregnancy or pseudopregnancy.

Also normal and expected patterns for 45-year-old bloggers before their first cup of coffee.

Many thanks to devoted reader isisinator for sending this along. If you should come across any impressively bad press releases please send them to cvon ((at)) areporter ((DOT)) com.

For another beaut check out this one that my ol’ buddy Rob found. It starts: In the newly released benchmark report, Application Security: Protect Sensitive Data while Improving Compliance, Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE:HHS), found that on average, Best-in-Class organizations …

and that’s just the first half of the first sentence.

Press release of the day: “Warning — Romantic Apathy Runs Rampant Among Christians”

It’s everywhere! You read the blogs, see report after report… Romantic Apathy is running rampant and it’s affecting Christian relationships all over the world. It’s bursting through on televisions, creeping in by email, and now, cell phones make it even easier to whisper words of love without ever having to look into each others eyes.

Noticing the trend, Guy Bickel, the originator of a unique Christian CD for romantic enlightenment entitled The Original Love Song, references a recent blog article entitled ‘Romance in the Age of Irony’, where Urban Survivor writes: “Love in the 21st Century is a joke… it’s a punch line in a sitcom. It’s an e-mail with a lame smiley face in place of an original phrase. It’s a hasty text message (LUV U) with a hieroglyph where your heart ought to be.”

Romance In The Age Of Irony doesn’t stand a chance against Making Money During Romance In The Age Of Irony.

BTW, I am starting an effort to amend the constitution to raise the age of irony to 40.

Press release of the day: “Can Batman Teach Spiritual Truth”

Shouldn’t questions have a question mark at the end of them?

We too have a superhero that came to rescue us from evil and an eternity apart from Him. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. And our Superhero shows us that life is only found by using our great gifts and power to serve others and rescue the desperate. We need to become Robin to His Batman. We are part of the team and He’s counting on us to respond.

Lord, deliver us from your followers …

Press release of the day: “Film Sets New Christian Comedy Trend”

Back in the immoral age of comics, Christian comedians seemed out of place in any other venue besides a church.

Some would argue that the only thing that goes on in a church is comedy, but that would be going for the cheap laugh and I would never do that.

Or how about: “Three comedians walk into a church. Only one of them knows he’s a comedian.”

Aren’t all comedians Immoral? (“deliberately violating accepted principles of right and wrong“)  The basic job definition is holding up a fun-house mirror to society & letting people consider ideas that they would never think of otherwise.

It would be hard to come up with a bigger violation of currently accepted principles of right and wrong than humbly pursuing your faith, loving your God and your fellow man even over the pursuit of material gain. Thus Christianity can be pretty damn immoral. When the late Mr. Carlin went on about the seven dirty words that you can’t say on television he was making a point about the unpleasantness of swearing serving to distract us from the true obscenities of the world like poverty, war, bigotry. For me that’s a very Christian message.

I actually have a bunch of God related material in my act. “Two phrases I hate: ‘person of faith’ and ‘faith-based organization.’ Please do not insult my belief that way. Cubs fans are a people of faith and support a faith-based organization. Me, I believe in God.” (The way things are going I’m going to have another patsy organization. GM? The Knicks? The Fed?)

In case you were wondering what the hell: “Enter Ron Pearson, a Christian who is explicit about his faith yet is one of the top secular comics in the business. … Pearson’s latest project, Apostles of Comedy; The Movie, is a masterpiece that’s sure to set a new trend in both the Christian and secular comedy world. The film fuses 4 award – winning comedians that spotlights not only the quirks but explores their private lives as they share their journeys of love, faith, hope and forgiveness. You’ll see famed comedians Pearson, Anthony Griffith, Brad Stine and Jeff Allen as you’ve never seen them.”

“As you’ve never seen them?” Well, that’s setting the bar pretty low. How about as you’ve never heard of them?

And just FYI: Bob Newhart is GOD!

Punk god illustration by George Coghill.

Press release of the day: “Text Messaging God”

Tech support at any wireless phone company will tell you that the preferred set-up option to receive text messages is “Always On” rather than “When Needed.” Pastor Robert R. Cushman has found that our communication with God should be “Always On” too. In his new book, “What If You Pray? Experiencing the Reality of Prayer,” Pastor Cushman …

Putting the G in OMG.

Is God on Verizon or T-Mobile?

Also begs the weighty theological question: Who does God turn to for tech support?

Press release of the day: “Computer *Retards* Make Money With Breakthrough Home Business Marketing System”

Frustrated and humiliated Home Business owners who are sick and tired of chasing their tail, trying to find customers, getting hung up on, and being rejected in a desperate effort to earn a buck, are discovering a newer and easier way to market. Instead, using a revolutionary marketing system that combines psychology, technology, and the very latest changes in buyer behaviour, these entrepreneurs are now simply flipping a switch and collecting prospects, customers, and profits automatically.

Because nothing says use my service like a gratuitous insult of the less advantaged.

(And 2008 is already off to a great start!)

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5 Worst Press Releases of 2007

  1. You do what? BAAGZ, from the French Web and enterprise search company Exalead , is a new search and collaboration system, still in beta, that applies Web 2.0 features to social networking. While the idea of using search topics and vetted results as nodes around which dynamic topical networks could form is interesting, the current early beta implementation gives just a hint of what may be possible.
  2. Most baffling attempt to cash in on a tragedy: With all the bad news about contaminated pet food, there’s actually some good news in the pet industry! Not only is going environmentally green a hot topic in real estate right now, but the 38-BILLION DOLLAR pet industry is also seeing a surge in companies going green too. (Italics added)
  3. Reads like it was translated from another language by Babelfish: Who is the first one to come running full speed ahead when you get home from work ˆ well if you are a blessed pet owner ˆ you know the feeling! With both hearts racing with happiness ˆ gone are your workday worries and now it’s time to relax at home sweet home and put together a masterpiece! Art Casso Pet Painting Kits are a great reward to allow you both to creatively express through art and don’t forget to get inspired from the lovely Pet Art By Kate that’s already hanging on the wall. PAWSitive Expressions for you and your Pet to Enjoy with Pup-Casso & Kitty-Casso painting kits or Pet Art By Kate! Give the gift of Pup-Casso & Kitty-Casso and you’ll be known as the “cat’s meow.” World’s first no mess ˆ non toxic, paint kit for pets just awarded 2nd Place at the Global Pet Expo! Is your pet the next “Mutt-isse” or “Leonardo DaKitty”? You and your pet will create a masterpiece you will cherish forever! Transform your artwork into professionally made gifts you and your pet can share & wear. They’re fun, creative, and stimulating. (All typos are from the original.)
  4. Headline least likely to make me keep reading: PQ Media Expects Political Spending Splurge in 2008
  5. Next time let’s leave Jesus out of this: Has Jesus returned as a phone? Landor brand expert available to comment on Apple’s iPhone The iPhone has risen! One of the most anticipated products of 2007, the Apple iPhone – sometimes referred to by bloggers as the Jesus phone for its “savior status” – will hit store shelves on June 29th.

And a bonus — Most Indecipherable Mission Statement:

  • Zimbra is the leader in open source, next-generation collaboration and messaging software. We provide innovative experiences to end-users and their administrators because we see existing tools are fundamentally broken. We also believe in compatibility with existing infrastructure and applications (both open source and proprietary). Apparently writing jargon doesn’t hurt the bottom line: In September Yahoo! paid $350M for Zimbra.

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Press release of the day: Has Jesus returned as a phone? Landor brand expert available to comment on Apple’s iPhone

“The iPhone has risen! One of the most anticipated products of 2007, the Apple iPhone – sometimes referred to by bloggers as the Jesus phone for its “savior status” – will hit store shelves on June 29th.”

Sorry, I don’t mix religion and phone service. Except when I pray that it works.

Press release over-reach of the day

With all the bad news about contaminated pet food, there’s actually some good news in the pet industry! Not only is going environmentally green a hot topic in real estate right now, but the 38-BILLION DOLLAR pet industry is also seeing a surge in companies going green too.

I LOVE THIS TRANSITION!!!: “Not only is going environmentally green a hot topic in real estate right now…” Has nothing to do with anything else in the release.

And it gets better…

We have some amazing companies we’d love for you to consider interviewing for a story on the trendsetting topic

Kathy Santos Training Aids
Martha Stewart and House Beautiful Magazine’s top pet expert, Kathy Santos, has just created the solution for stressed dogs everywhere. Santos has just released line of natural, organic, and environmentally safe products which prevent behavioral problems. Relieve De Stress helps pets deal with anxiety related (but not limited) to: traveling, separation, thunderstorms, grooming, vet visits, moving & owner’s mood swings. And, Don’t Chew Dare: “helps your dog help himself” with destructive chewing! A few drops in water, by mouth or in food, will ensure that your dog has a “drama free day”.

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness … or was it animal stress? And what’s the environmental angle on this again?

Poop Pouch
It helps protect the environment and your nose! NEVER CARRY DOG POOP AGAIN! The POOP POUCH for the POOCH attaches directly onto your dog’s standard or retractable leash, and carries the dog poop for you! No more smell, mess or unsightliness with the POOP POUCH!

Yea, at my house we call it a plastic bag.

Eve Envy
Eye Envy safely removes unsightly tear stains from pets. Stains are removed (typically within one week). Product contains NO bleach, peroxide or steroids.

Removes unsightly tear stains from pets? Removes unsightly tear stains from pets? This is a real problem to someone?

Re-soiling has become the #1 reason pets are placed in shelters today and GET SERiOUS! Stain, Odor & Pheromone Extractor is the ONLY cleaner with the ability to lift out and forever remove the pheromone scent plus the associated stain and odor, so pets aren’t attracted back to the scene of the crime! Cleans in 3 minutes! It’s safe, non-toxic and biodegradable!

Anyone know what re-soiling is?

Special thanks to the great folks at Orca Communications. Keep up the good work gang!

LAPD unveils Rodney-King-proof flashlight that’s softer and lighter

Apparently the LA police department thinks its officers can’t withstand the tempation to hit people with flashlights. The solution? Equip cops with a flashlight that won’t hurt as much when used as a blunt instrument.

If you shine this into someone’s eyes, you will momentarily disorient them. But unlike the previous flashlight it cannot be used to inflict unintended damage or used to strike someone around the head,” Said LAPD chief William Bratton.

Despite the fact that the new light is 50% lighter than the old one and has a “rugged polymer casing,” Chief Bratton did NOT volunteer to be beaten with it.

More than 50 incidents involving Los Angeles police using flashlights as weapons have been reported since 2002.

Silly me, I would have thought better training and supervision would be the solution. Stupid civilian.

BTW, should you too want a flashlight which will be ineffective when used to beat someone around the head, the Pelican 7060 will go on sale to the public in June.

Because the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue had never been put to music before, that’s why.

Sports Illustrated Partners with cYclops and MemBrain to Introduce dop!T, Launch First-Ever Swimsuit Issue Soundtrack

It’s a disposable MP3 player. To listen to while you’re “reading” SI’s biggest seller.

… comes equipped with a AAA battery and is preloaded with a selection of music tracks to accompany each segment of the swimsuit issue.

So this is for one-handed listening?

My personal favorite part of the press release: “… the result of a partnership between cYclops LLC, which has been tasked with extending SI’s brand and its print assets into all areas of sight, sound and motion, and MemBrain LLC, an L.A. based entertainment and marketing firm. ”

All areas of sight, sound and motion? That’s a big tasking they’ve been given.