Wondering what to eat with your energy drink? How about energy potato chips

potatoSaid to be the world’s first “energy potato chip”, the line of NRG Potato Chips ushers in a new age of television snacking.

$29.70 gets a case of 30 1.75 oz. baggies of deep-fried caffeinated-infused potato goodness.

Just the thing for the crystal meth freak in your life.


You may say potato, but Idaho says …

high tech. Some state lawmaker wants to get rid of the slogan on Idaho’s license plates that currently reads “Famous Potatoes.” Reuters quoths Republican Sen. Hal Bunderson as saying “Other than as a consumer, the majority of people in Idaho have no connection to ‘Famous Potatoes.'” That tag line was put on the tags 46 years ago. Now the tater has tottered from its pre-eminence in the state’s economy. Currently the state’s top export is high tech. The spud also ranks behind milk and livestock as the state’s top-earning agricultural commodity.

Quote of the day honors have to go to Frank Muir president of the Idaho Potato Commission: “We don’t have to be embarrassed by our agricultural roots. Why not be proud of your potato?”

BTW, the story is datelined – I’m not making this up – SALMON, Idaho.

If Idaho passes on Famous Potatoes, I know another state that would be willing to use the name. Tim Nudd over at Adfreak dug this one out of the Portland Press-Herald: “The Maine potato industry got an unexpected prime-time plug Sunday night when Homer Simpson, America’s most famous cartoon glutton, endorsed the state’s spuds. In a subplot that had Homer’s bountiful body sporting tattoo advertisements for various products, ‘Eat Maine Potatoes’ was stamped across one arm. Homer, who was in bed, told his blue-tower-haired wife, Marge, that the tater reference wasn’t an ad, but a reminder. He then reached over the edge of the bed into a bag of—yup, ‘Maine Potatoes’—and started munching on one.”