Bush to deploy Guard to improve gas mileage

"They will push cars," said the President, who has decided  the solution to any problem is to throw the Guard at it. Next up: He will deploy the Guard as head of the CIA. Following that the Guard will be deployed to solve the looming Social Security problem and then to deal with global warming.

George clearly believes just because he spent four years in the Guard doing nothing is no reason anyone else should.

Back in the early 1980s, when Gary Hart had a political future, the then-senator from Colorado actually said something memorable. Just after the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon he said, "What is the president going to do for a foriegn policy when he runs out of Marines?" 

(And, really I promise to get around to Hillary's "kid's these days" speech/idiocy, but I am operating in what the Pentagon describes as a "target rich environment" and only have so much time in the day. I will say that I am not surprised by Mrs. C's shameless pandering, but I am very disappointed in McCain doing the same thing.) 

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