When branding goes too far: car crashes into car-themed diner

A Mercedes and a Honda collided outside Hubcaps Diner at the corner of Bonanza and Locust streets in downtown Walnut Creek, CA. The collision sent the Honda onto the sidewalk and through the glass doors of the popular breakfast spot, which is decorated with framed photographs of classic automobiles.

Via The Obscure Store & Reading Room

And speaking of car crashes, I was ecstatic to see The Treasury Department said NO! to GM’s request for up to $10 billion to finance its merger with Chrysler. They wanted you and me to pay for this idiot idea? If they can’t even afford to do the merger why do it in the first place? There is nothing about that merger that makes any sense. There will be no economies of scale — GM is already too big. It will bring nothing to the marketplace — GM is already suffering from having way too many brands that stand for absolutely nothing. I wouldn’t trust the top management of either firm to run a lemonade stand. I’d consider funding it only if they fired everyone at the top of both firms.


Just a quick one before I go

Headlines I never expected to see: Free Trade Pacts Are Bad For Business. What makes it so unexpected? It’s from Forbes.

GM sold GMAC? But that was the only part of the company that actually made money…

Previously I reported that the word games at Neopets didn’t recognize the words sex or cards – add id to that list says CollateralDamageJR ™. Where the bloody hell did a 9.5 year old learn the word id?

David “The Book Thief of Lenovo” Churbuck has discovered a web site specializing in “bus plunge journalism.” Has to be read to be believed.

me me meEver wondered what I look like? I didn’t think so, but this is a pretty good representation. Gotta love the photo booth at the bowling alley. Stat land: The Krispy Kreme burger entry continues to be the most read thing here on the site. You people continue to be weird. Tuesday saw the most visits ever to the site, nearly a third more than usual. Maybe folks like what they saw ‘cuz the numbers have stayed up for the rest of the week. If you like the site, please pass the word along about it. If you don’t please leave a really, angry post. I love those.