Nike losing its mojo: Brits naming their kids Adidas & Reebok.

And I thought naming them Espn was bad. Well it is, but you get my point. Joining young Ad and Ree on the playgrounds of the UK will be an increasing number of Gandalfs, Superman(s?) and Madonnas. What no Swooshes?

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There are great names in marketing and then there’s …

I thought I was having a good week because I came across Randall Chinchilla who is the press person for fabric care brands over at P&G (which is also corporate home to Velvet Gogol Bennet — how big a factor is nomenclature in the hiring process at Procter? Maybe they figure it's a plus if you're basically a brand already). But Mr. C is as nothing to the person I came upon later in the same week…

(Insert drum roll here)

Discretion Winter.

Ms. Winter is head of corporate communications for AXA Financial and was very helpful in setting up some interviews for me.

That is indeed the name she was given at birth. My bad, I asked Discretion if that was indeed her given name and she said yes, but it's her given married name not her name ne.

Although most of our interactions were done via email at one point she called me, she said, in part to clarify a question I had and to determine whether I had a Prussian accent. We bonded immediately as only people who have gone through grammar school while possessing names like ours can. I suspect a follow up conversation about most despised nicknames is in order.

Mrs. Collateral Damage and I have been debating whether Ms. Winter's name would be even better if it were reversed. I like Winter Discrection because it's basically an entire poem. Mrs. CD likes it the way it is. Whichever. I may have to retire the crown for great names in marketing.

Stray thoughts posted while heading down to NYC…

  1. Headline of the (Easter Sun) Day: Episcopal Churches Turn to U2 to Pack Pews. And you thought Bono had an ego problem before…
  2. All time greatest name in marketing: Velvet Gogol Bennett of Procter & Gamble. How Ms. Gogol Bennett avoided a life as a performance artist is unknown.
  3. "A federal judge gave a ninth-grader permission Thursday to recite a poem at a state competition that his school objected to, claiming it contained profanity." No, no. Not the one about the person from Nantucket, that would have made sense. The poem: Auden's The More Loving One. The words in question: Hell and Damn. The jurisdiction in which this took place: Reno, land of heretofore unexpected moral probity.
  4. Scariest phrase of the day: litigation boutique as in "Simon Lesser PC, founded in 1997, is a litigation boutique centrally located in Midtown Manhattan." Be afraid, be very very afraid.
  5. When “Kinder Chocolate Eggs” are outlawed, only outlaws will have “Kinder Chocolate Eggs”
  6. When Chronic Candy is outlawed, only outlaws will have Chronic Candy: "Marijuana-flavored lollipops, gum balls and chocolates with names such as Hydro and Sticky Icky Buds could be banned in Alameda County under an ordinance being considered by the Board of Supervisors." Already banned in Chicago and Suffolk County, N.Y., and facing a possible ban in Georgia. Why haven't we heard from Reno on this one?