China says enviro wrecker is double plus good for the environment

Mr. Orwell, call for you on line 2. Oh, Mr. Orwell, pick up please…

Chinese director Chen Kaige, whose movie “The Promise” harmed a pristine Himalayan lakeside during shooting, has been nominated for a “Green Chinese” award for raising environmental awareness. … The annual “Green Chinese” award, co-sponsored by seven government departments and endorsed by the U.N. Environment Programme, selects five to 10 Chinese who have made a “great contribution” to protecting the environment, Xinhua said.

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I now understand BP’s claim to be a green oil company

Quoth the Wall Street Journal:

Public, Political Pressure May Rise
As Inquiry Looks Into Possibility
Of Manipulation in Gas, Oil Prices

Federal investigators are examining whether BP manipulated crude-oil and unleaded-gasoline markets, signaling a rise in regulatory scrutiny of the British energy giant, said lawyers and traders close to the case.

See here we all thought that by green they meant concern for the environment. That claim was so ludicrous (see Alaskan oil fields) but now it makes sense: Green = $. And it’s refreshingly honest, too.
If these allegations are true it proves that BP has problems on more than just a moral level. How dumb does a gas/oil company have to be to bother with manipulating markets in THIS economy? Mr. Gild, meet Mr. Lilly. Even by my lax standards this falls under “excessive profit taking.”

“It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever.”*

"A TINY ecological car that can nip through peak-hour gridlock was launched in Britain today after three years of research financed by the EU. The three-wheeled, 1m-wide vehicle runs on natural gas and consumes 2.5 litres of fuel per 100km."

Gotta have a cool name for a cool product like this, right? So how about CLEVER — which stands for "Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport." I don't know about you but I get CLEVUT or at best CLEVURT.

Go here to see a picture of the CLEVUT thing.

*go here.