Just because you can make it doesn’t make it a good idea…

  1. A banana guard. Why rely on the perfectly good biodegradable carrying case created by thousands of years of evolution when you can buy something MADE OUT OF PLASTIC??? A mere $7 will you forever protect you from the heartbreak of bruised bananas. Or are you just glad to see me?
  2. A military theme park. A Florida developer thought a park that let visitors “command the latest M-1 tank” and “feel the rush of a paratrooper freefall” would be just the thing. The Army begged to differ: “That proposal … was dead on arrival, and will be dead on arrival if resubmitted,” said Keith Eastin, the Army’s assistant secretary for installations and environment. Too bad, I was so looking forward to The Notify The Next Of Kin ride.
  3. The personalized ketchup label. Yep, I want a bottle of Heinz with my name on it. I’ll pay extra for that by golly.