But I digress…


“Rearranging of deck chairs on the Hindenburg continues as CIA Director Porter Goss resigns”

Headline of the day from Fark.com. No they don't mean the Titanic, either. The Hindenburg reference is from Steven Colbert's amazingly funny (if you weren't there) speech at the White House Correspondent's dinner. Read it here. I have been incredibly amused by the fallout from Mr. Colbert's comments. Read about them at MediaNews, or here and here and here and here and … well you get the idea. The basic theme of all the criticism is that the Official DC Press-erati got their bow ties in a knot because Mr. C had the temerity to make fun of his Bushness at the shindig. To which I can only respond: WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? DO YOU WATCH HIS SHOW? This is not a development that should have caught the cream of US journalism (ha ha) by surprise.

And besides, hurrah for him. In the US, the press spends far too much time trying to be liked and far too little just doing their job. That dinner is just one more sign of the way that the press bigwigs suck up to power in DC. We're supposed to represent the least powerful, remember.