Divorce Hawaiian Style: “Ex-soap opera star freed from jail”

Of the many bright spots about visiting Hawaii — yes that’s where I was — not the least is getting to read the local press. The Maui Times, which covers the island I was on, is generally as devoid of conflict-driven news as any other small-town daily that’s based in paradise. The same cannot be said for the Honolulu Advertiser which covers an actual city with all the attendent fun. So you can imagine how my otherwise drowsy, vacation-filled eyes perked up when I came across the following in the Advertiser:

Hollywood actress Brenda Dickson’s 16-day stay in jail here ended yesterday after two lively court hearings in which Dickson mocked a lawyer with Nazi salutes and told the judge her divorce settlement was “a fraud,” but ultimately swore to abide by the terms of her property settlement.

The 58-year-old Ms. Dickson, who was on The Young and The Restless back in the ’70s but apparently still qualifies as a “star,” several times asked to borrow money from the lawyer of her former husband, an attorney named Jan Wienberg. She also saluted the attorney several times with the words, “Heil Hitler. Third Reich.”

Can’t imagine why he didn’t give her a few dollars.

Here’s an actual connection between this story and last night’s Oscar show which I missed entirely: Ms. D also appeared in Taxi Driver, another movie that Martin Scorsese had not won an Oscar for. She played the part of Soap Opera Woman.