For honor, country and Madden 2007

A friend in the military Sgt. Big Brother Collateral Damage  passed along this note which showed up in his .mil email account:

The National Guard Recruiting Assistance Program (G-RAP) wants to hear about your National Guard experiences! If you create an account with MySpace or use a pre-existing MySpace account and insert a blog entry about your proudest or most unusual moment while in the Guard, you could win an XBOX 360! Any exciting or unexpected moments are encouraged to be shared! True personal accounts such as the most rewarding accomplishments to the most unpredicted challenges are the ideal stories. Express your feelings and make it an interesting piece to read. We will read each story and pick the 20 best blogs; the Top 20 will each receive an XBOX 360.

His comment: I love sales incentives.

By “exciting or unexpected moments” do they mean driving around Iraq in under-armored Humvees?

I do believe the Penguins of Irony are about to enlist…


Just because you can make it doesn’t make it a good idea…

  1. A banana guard. Why rely on the perfectly good biodegradable carrying case created by thousands of years of evolution when you can buy something MADE OUT OF PLASTIC??? A mere $7 will you forever protect you from the heartbreak of bruised bananas. Or are you just glad to see me?
  2. A military theme park. A Florida developer thought a park that let visitors “command the latest M-1 tank” and “feel the rush of a paratrooper freefall” would be just the thing. The Army begged to differ: “That proposal … was dead on arrival, and will be dead on arrival if resubmitted,” said Keith Eastin, the Army’s assistant secretary for installations and environment. Too bad, I was so looking forward to The Notify The Next Of Kin ride.
  3. The personalized ketchup label. Yep, I want a bottle of Heinz with my name on it. I’ll pay extra for that by golly.