A little sympathy for Jeffrey Toobin

The wonderful writer for the New Yorker and legal affairs analyst for CNN was thoroughly in the wrong place today — caught covering the Michael Vick non-event on the same day as Alberto Gonzales resigned. Watched Toobin briefly on CNN and could tell by the look in his eyes that he knew he was missing THE story.

I am fascinated to see who the White House comes up with for a replacement for Gonzales. It has been a post continually filled by the 2nd dimmest bulb in the administration. One person on meeting Mr. Ashcroft was shocked at how dumb he was, to which another person said, “Well, don’t forget he did lose an election to a dead guy.” To give Mr. Ashcroft his due, though, the more we find out about his refusal to renew secret wire-tapping efforts the more he seems like a truly stand-up guy.

In Re: Mr. Vick

Gotta say the most irritating thing about his little non confession was the literal “come to Jesus” moment.

Michael Vick, speaking to the media in Richmond, says he has found Jesus and turned his life over to God.

Even if he has done so there’s no way this announcement made on the day he is pleading guilty to a felony can be perceived as anything but spin. I hope Mr. Vick has indeed found a moral guide, whomever that may be. But a suggestion to all those celebs who are seeking actual redemption and not just redemption in the public eye: keep it to yourself until we can see actions that show you really are practicing what He preached.


I get to correct The New Yorker

Women were in scant evidence among the gamers, but David Greene, another Meetup mafioso, was there, playing San Juan, a fantasy card game, and eating Pringles. [Emphasis added]

It’s not often I get to correct my favorite magazine but this time they’ve wandered into one of my weird areas of expertise. I have played San Juan on numerous occasions and I can tell you it’s many things but fantasy it is not. In the game you produce and trade resources and buy buildings. It is hard to think of anyone save — ugh — Donald Trump who would think of this as a fantasy.

And speaking of The Donald, whom I had the misfortune to interview earlier this year, in this cat fight between him and Rosie O’Donnell I am rooting for … serious injuries to both. I bet their combined IQs must reach well into the double digits.

I love the fact that all these “beauty queens” are being censured for “conduct unbecoming.” You may only prance about and display yourself as a sex object when we say so. By going to bars and displaying your entire breast you are bringing dishonor upon our contest where you parade around in a bikini.