I get to correct The New Yorker

Women were in scant evidence among the gamers, but David Greene, another Meetup mafioso, was there, playing San Juan, a fantasy card game, and eating Pringles. [Emphasis added]

It’s not often I get to correct my favorite magazine but this time they’ve wandered into one of my weird areas of expertise. I have played San Juan on numerous occasions and I can tell you it’s many things but fantasy it is not. In the game you produce and trade resources and buy buildings. It is hard to think of anyone save — ugh — Donald Trump who would think of this as a fantasy.

And speaking of The Donald, whom I had the misfortune to interview earlier this year, in this cat fight between him and Rosie O’Donnell I am rooting for … serious injuries to both. I bet their combined IQs must reach well into the double digits.

I love the fact that all these “beauty queens” are being censured for “conduct unbecoming.” You may only prance about and display yourself as a sex object when we say so. By going to bars and displaying your entire breast you are bringing dishonor upon our contest where you parade around in a bikini.