When superheroes (and go-go dancers) are outlawed from marketing, only outlaws will market with superheroes (and go-go dancers)

Bangkok police arrested four actors dressed as Japanese superheroes for defying a decree banning commercial promotions in front of tanks. (No word yet on whether or not this applies to armored personnel carriers or Transformers.)

After handing soldiers roses and striking a brief pose, the four promoters of a Japanese action-hero show coming to Thailand next month were whisked away in the back of a police truck.

The military is apparently concerned “that the carnival atmosphere” following the country’s first coup in 15 years would detract from the seriousness of the moment. It’s Thailand, so seriousness is practically an endangered species. In a move guaranteed to hurt morale the government has also banned go-go dancers from flaunting themselves near tanks and troops.

Best … military … coup … ever

“In Berlin the situation is serious but not hopeless. In Vienna the situation is hopeless but not serious.” — Quote from World War I diplomatic telegraph.