All the donuts & shrapnel you can eat: Canadians going to Afghanistan to work at Tim Horton’s

timWhen last we heard from Tim Horton's, the famous-for-Canada version of Dunkin Donuts, they were going the extra thousand miles and opening up a branch in Khandhar, Afghanistan, to serve the large contingent of Canadian troops stationed there. Well, apparently the Canadian economy must be in worse shape than we realized because 100 Canadians have applied for 15 jobs to sling joe in Afghanistan. How bad have things gotten in the Canuckian economy? The jobs only pay $8 an hour and that's in Canadian money so it's about the equivalent of 38 cents an hour in real money.


Not only can you not get drunk in a bar in Texas, but in Canada you can’t even be seen to have a beer. IN CANADA!

The Aussies continue to have good luck getting free PR. Turns out the Canuck ad authorities not only wouldn’t let them use the word hell in the ad, they had “to remove a shot showing a half-full glass of beer.” Oh, Canada…

Aussie tourism boss Fran Bailey continues laughing all the way to the bank on this one. “I still find the decision astonishing. What this decision shows is that Canada lags behind Americans, Brits and even Germans in the sense of humour stakes.” OOOOH, that hurts — less funny than the GERMANS? Canada has taken this insult seriously and announced they are sending all of their armed forces not currently serving at the Tim Horton’s in Afghanistan to invade Australia. Adding economic clout to this military threat, the Canadians say both of those people will fly on an airline that is not Qantas.

Decaf with sugar, two frosted and some body armor … to go

Tim Hortons, the famous-for-Canada version of Dunkin Donuts, is going the extra several thousand miles for Canadian troops and opening up a branch in Kandahar, Afghanistan. There are currently 2300 Canucks in the area, which means the morning rush is going to be amazing…