New, ugly buzz words: Phoods & Bepherages

Definition: Packaged foods and beverages providing a positive pharmaceutical benefit beyond basic nutrition by virtue of their inclusion of medically beneficial ingredients.

“Medically beneficial ingredients.” Is that not a great meaningless phrase? The only thing that really rules out from the category is Twinkies which actually has no ingredients that fall into that category.

From the release: “Consumer demand for functional foods is skyrocketing and we expect that greater consumer awareness of the benefits of these foods will stimulate market growth beyond our estimates.”

Personally, I like all my foods functional. Or should that be phully phunctional?


Fluff fighter cuts and runs from sticky situation

State Sen. Jarrett Barrios has ended his efforts to pass legislation that would have banned Marshmallow Fluff in Massachusetts public schools. Too bad, it probably would have been the most effective thing the legislature did all year.

Speaking of incredibly strange foods based on high fructose corn syrup: Twinkie lasagna or Twinkie tacos or even Twinkie kebabs. Yep, not since the incredibly well read Krispy Kreme Burger have I encountered such terrifying food ideas. I’m not sure whether I am relieved or disappointed that none of these concotions have tomato sauce, melted cheese or some form of meat.