The wonderful world of brand mashups

A great Brazillian graphic designer named Mario Amaya has taken a few of favorite brands and run them into each other at top speed. See some of the efforts below and see more here. His blog, Following Is For Cattle, makes me wish I’d paid attention when the Providence public school system was trying to teach me Portuguese.


Car makers discover that suicide may be painless, but it’s sure not funny

Car companies must think that just because their sales are depressed everyone else is too. Why else do they keep trying to get people to off themselves? First it was GM with its beyond-tactless robot-jumping-from-the-bridge spot:

Then the irrepressible Germans decided to get in on the act and VW, via agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, decided to follow suit with a customer having to be coaxed off the ledge because … well it has something to do with selling cars. Click here to view their addition to what we can only hope will be a short-lived genre.

Note to all you creative types — There are a select few folks who can make death funny. Top of my list: Richard Pryor, Bobcat Goldthwait, DJ Hazard, Terry Pratchett, Mel Brooks. I’ve probably missed a few, but even so I guarantee your name is not on that list. Keep that in mind.